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We appreciate you coming to our site and we are available for you right from the start. If you have any product questions, having trouble finding what you are looking for, or just have a personal enquiry, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And we are glad to do it. Very glad.

You can ask us absolutely anything. With a combined 10 years experience in the industry we have a wealth of real knowledge and experience to draw from. We continually educate ourselves on new industry developments and how our products can address a variety of life changes. We also have great relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers that we can request any additional information from them.



Your pleasure is important to us



We want you to find the products that bring you the greatest pleasure. Whether you are single or partnered, your overall sexual satisfaction starts with knowing what gives you the greatest pleasure and this may involve trying new things or building on favourites. We have the experience and knowledge to help you every step of the way!



You can contact us any of the following ways :



Live Online Chat : Available everyday, including weekends and late in the evening. If you see that we are logged in feel free to start a chat at anytime.  Simply click the 'Need Help' widget on the right hand side of the screen.


Email : We monitor the emails all day every day and rest assured you will receive a response usually within an hour or so. You can email us with product enquiries, questions about your order including tracking information, or if you want to host a lovethenaughty party.


Via telephone (either local Niaigara Area or toll free long distance) : 10 AM to 6 PM EST. If we cannot answer your call right away because we are on the other line with another customer please leave a detailed voice message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any difficulties or suggestions concerning our voice mail system, please let us know.


Facebook : You can post your question and/or comment to our facebook page and we will reply/comment within 24 hours. Liking our Facebook page also gives you access to exclusive content, promotions, and coupon codes.


Twitter : You can tweet any questions or comments to out twitter account and we will reply as soon as possible. We will ask if you would prefer direct messaging which means that we can have a private dialogue via Twitter, just between you and us, not public. It`s entirely up to you.


We want to hear from you

At Lovethenaughty, we only want to be better and we value your feedback. If you think there is anything we can do to improve your experience please let us know. Also, a lot of the products we carry are the result of customer requests or positive customer feedback.  If there's something you'd like us to carry, or a product you loved (or didn't love), we want to know.  You can use the form below to submit any request, concern, or question.

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Love Yourself.  Love the Naughty.




Love Yourself. Love the Naughty.