To "Fixate" means to focus one's attention; "Sensation" is simply the physical state of excitement. When you combine those two ideas, you get FixSation, which means a focused sensation. This idea of focused sensation has led to the creation of the first non-invasive Couple’s Vibe.

By combining the sensations of friction and concentrated vibrations with a sexy panty companion worn by the woman while making love, we have developed a uniquely effective product that will help women quickly and consistently achieve an orgasm with their partner.

The FixSation Couple’s Vibe allows women to approach each intimate encounter with the same enthusiasm and anticipation as her partner, knowing she will experience the same level of ecstasy that he does. Together they will take part in the most intensifying connection that two lovers can hope for: a shared orgasm.

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FixSation II Couples Vibe and Panty
The award winning FixSation couple’s vibe is a combination of lingerie and vibrator, with an ergonom..
$104.99 $89.99
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