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Sinclair Institute

Sinclair Institute

The Sinclair Institute® is the leading source of sexual health products for adults who want to improve the quality of intimacy and sex in their relationships. Since 1991, Sinclair Intimacy Institute® has developed an extensive library of videos and products covering everything from advanced sexual positions to erectile dysfunction solutions. The best selling Better Sex Video Series has sold more than four million videos in over 30 countries. Sinclair videos aid in adult sex education and help individuals learn about sexuality in the privacy of their home. Working with a diverse team of professional sex educators and therapists, we create products that work by fostering communication and creativity between partners. Our Better Sex® videos address topics many people find difficult or embarrassing to discuss.

Sinclair Institute® videos feature commentary by sexuality experts for better adult sex education. Commentary and helpful suggestions are followed by explicit illustrations by typical couples who demonstrate key elements, skills and techniques in an honest, realistic and sensitive manner.  The Sinclair Institute® understands the need for quality adult sex education and support. We are committed to helping couples overcome barriers that can affect the quality of sexual relationships.

Each year we donate over a third of our profits to DKT International. DKT International has provided millions of men and women with family health and HIV / AIDS prevention programs in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In 2002, DKT’s family planning programs provided accessible, affordable birth control products and services to 7.6 million couples making it possible to prevent HIV infections and assist with family planning. DKT efforts in Africa, Asia and Latin America help improve family health, lower infant and maternal mortality and improve prosperity. Your Sinclair purchases help people in Africa, Asia and Latin America create a better life with proper adult sex education.

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Sinclair Institute 10 Secrets To Great Sex
13 loving couples reconnect with fun and passion in intimate coversations and explicit scenes - from..
Sinclair Institute 10 Ways To Go Longer and Stronger
A healthy, happy life includes great sex! However, many men, especially those over 40, find that int..
Sinclair Institute 101 Positions For Lovers
Filmed in tropical Jamaica - Nothing spices up a sex life more than trying a new position!This fun ..
Sinclair Institute 12 Ways to Boost Your Libido
A healthy, happy life includes great sex! However, many women have lost interest in sex due to lack ..
Sinclair Institute 32 Ways to Please Your Lover
Wishing to add some spice to your lovemaking? Has it become too predictable? Learn the skills to kee..
Sinclair Institute A Lovers Guide To Self-Pleasuring
Dr. Beverly Whipple and Dr. Eli Coleman guide this exciting video exploration, dispelling myths, def..
Sinclair Institute Becoming Orgasmic
Based on the book with the same name, this remarkably powerful video uses detailed demonstrations to..
Sinclair Institute Better Oral Sex Techniques
Oral sex, the most sensual of all love play, is raised to an art form in Better Oral Sex Techniques...
Sinclair Institute Better Sex Sexploration Series 22 Sex Secrets, Tips, and Turn-Ons
Exciting secrets to turn a couple's sex life into something extraordinary. This volume features lovi..
Sinclair Institute Better Sex Sexploration Series Advanced Sexual Techniques and Positions
To increase sexual knowledge while heightening pleasure intimacy, twelve real life couples explore ..
Sinclair Institute Better Sex Sexploration Series Collection with Music CD
Unlike anything on the sex ed market today, the Better Sex Video Series raises the bar with amazing ..
Sinclair Institute Better Sex Sexploration Series Erotic Sex Play and Beyond
Enhancing sex can be as easy as concentrating on sensual touch. The final volume of the new Better S..
Sinclair Institute Creative Positions For Lovers
The only limits are your imagination. Even long-term lovers can enjoy exciting, take-your-breath-awa..
Sinclair Institute Enjoying Guilty Pleasures
With sex, just as with food, some cravings are simply irresistible. Join our nationally recognized h..
Sinclair Institute Erotic Indulgences Wet Wild And Wicked
Designed to reawaken the power of lasting intimacy with a partner, this spicy video helps viewers bu..
Sinclair Institute Great Sex For A Lifetime Volume 1
Great Sex for a Lifetime is based on the idea that you can have better sex tomorrow than you have to..
Sinclair Institute Great Sex For A Lifetime Volume 2
Is it possible to have fun, hot, fantastic sex with same partner year after year? ABSOLUTELY! Great ..
Sinclair Institute Incredible Orgasms
Real life couples demonstrate in explicit detail the best orgasm techniques. Ten mood-inspiring seg..
Sinclair Institute Inside a XXX Marriage with Eric and Wendy
This is an extraordinary behind the scenes look at adult film star veterans, Wendy Divine and Eric M..
Sinclair Institute Man of My Dreams
Man of My Dreams is for all the smart confident women out there who enjoy watching beautiful and sex..
Sinclair Institute Maximizing G Spot Pleasures
This enlightening program guides the viewer through the fascinating history and ongoing controversy ..
Sinclair Institute Nina Hartley's Guide To Simultaneous Orgasms
Nina Hartley, author of Nina Hartleys Guide to Total Sex and host of Adam Eves best-selling Guides ..
Sinclair Institute Sexual Fantasies For Lovers
This very popular highlight video features the hottest fantasy scenes from Volumes 4, 5, 6 7 of The ..
Sinclair Institute Sexual Imagination - 8 Ways to Spice it Up!
Sizzle! Sexual Imagination: 8 Ways To Spice It Up 8 Ways to Spice It Up! Running out of inspir..
Sinclair Institute Sexual Positions For Lovers
Four couples illustrate 32 lovemaking positions in explicit detail. Including special variations on ..
Sinclair Institute The Art Of Oral Loving
Oral loving is a sensual way for couples to expand their sexual boundaries. It can create a physical..
Sinclair Institute The Art Of Sexual Positions
From the sensual teachings of the Kama Sutra to the carnal wisdom of The Tao, we remain entranced by..
Sinclair Institute The Best of the Better Sex Collection
There is always something new to try!Looking for inspiration in the bedroom? Want to improve commun..
Sinclair Institute The Better Sex Guide To Anal Pleasure
Jack Morin, Ph.D. the world's leading expert on anal eroticism and sexual health, is host to this fr..
Sinclair Institute The Better Sex Guide To Erotic Dancing Set
Nothing drives a man wilder that a sultry striptease by a sensous woman. This video will teach ever..

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