Lust Cosmetics

Lust Cosmetics

Founded in 2007, Lust Cosmetics Inc. is a young, sophisticated Canadian company poised to set the new trend for sexy with its ten product line-up. The stars of its range, Lust's spray-pump 'Liquid Lust Arousal Mist' and topical balms, 'O' and 'Double O' break new sensual ground. These real-life equivalents to 'love potion number nine' are the first sexual stimulants of their kind - the spray-on mist or rub-on balms vow to "put you in the mood" in less than a minute (the double-strength 'Double O' formula claims to do it in half the time!).

Lust's edible massage oil, in lip-smacking flavours like "Cherried Treasure," "Creamsicle," and "Wanton Watermelon" are attractive enough to be on full display in the boudoir. And proving they're not just for playtime, Lust combines natural sweet almond oil and shea butter in its luxurious body lotion, "Lust for Body."

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