Earthly Body 3 In 1 Massage Heart Candle First Kiss

Earthly Body 3 In 1 Massage Heart Candle First Kiss
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Earthly Body 3 In 1 Massage Heart Candle First Kiss Earthly Body 3 In 1 Massage Heart Candle First Kiss

These heart shaped candles contain the same moisturizing massage oils found in our round 3-in-1 Suntouched Massage candles and make for the perfect romantic gift- year round! Not only are these lovely tins easy on the eyes, this shape fits perfectly in your hand for a relaxed grip and precise pour – even in the slipperiest of situations!

First Kiss scent : vanilla, marshmallow, pomegranate

4 Benefits of Scented Soy Candles

There are a number of benefits to using scented soy wax candles in your environment, whether it be in your home, office, or workplace.

1. Aromatherapy is only one benefit to burning natural soy candles. Aromatherapy is a common way to help provide stress relief, peace of mind and a sense of well-being. The myriad of scents available in natural scented soy candles can add to your relaxation and the enjoyment of your home, relaxing you and helping you to forget the rat race we all participate in every day.

The natural scents fill a room or an area of your home – you’ll find that many scents provide you with subtle benefits. Some scents have been found to help relieve migraine headaches. Indigestion is another common malady that may be alleviated with candle scents.

2. Soy candles also make a fashion statement in your home, with their casual good looks. People will know, if they don't already, that you are an Eco-friendly consumer when you burn soy candles rather than traditional paraffin-based candles.

Paraffin-based candles emit fumes that are possibly harmful to people with respiratory problems. Soy candles do not emit harmful fumes and they burn at a cooler temperature than traditional candles, so there is less a chance of children being burned by the was, or of having the hassle of cleaning up hotter wax if the candle is tipped over.

3. There is a difference between fragrance oils and essential oils that are used in soy candles. Fragrance oils are the type that are used to make scented soy candles, and essential oils are more commonly used in diffusers. They are similar, but their purpose is different, though both types of scents will help to bring relaxing auras to your home.

4. When you buy soy candles, you are helping farmers in America. Soybeans are grown in many areas of the United States, and are later processed into wax. Cheap paraffin-based candles imported from other countries don't benefit local economies. Many soy candles purchased online are made by American farm families, and lots of them are hand-poured and enriched with fragrance that burns throughout the life of the entire candle.

Volume 4.7oz

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