How To Choose The Best Product For You

Sometimes it seems there is an infinite number of adult products available and there are more new innovative, top quality products being introduced everyday. Well, this is actually the case. However you don't have to sift through every product yourself, that's our job. We are here to take that information and help you select the perfect products. We'll start by explaining the basic categories for adult sex toys and sensual products. This way you can look into whichever categories are specifically appealing to you and to provide an overall understanding of the industry. We have also included useful details about the use of the different products and considerations when buying specific products.


There are three main questions you should consider as you begin your search :


What do I want this product to do and what do I want to use it for?

What do I want it to look like and feel like?

How much do I want to spend?


In the following descriptions of the different categories of products there is information on common uses and techniques. This by no means exhaustive. People find very creative ways to use products in exactly the way that works for them and that definitely is not discouraged. This information is to give you a sense of the reasons behind design and common uses. Deciding if you would like to use your product solely for external stimulation, penetration, or both can further narrow your search. If you are looking for a motorized toy the power options are battery, rechargeable, and corded (electric). Electric toys are the most powerful while battery operated are the least. Rechargeable toys are currently very popular as it saves on batteries but we always recommend rechargeable batteries for battery operated toys. This is more environmentally friendly and saves money.


The material or ingredients a product is made from has a direct impact on the texture and feeling. For sensual body products and lubricants the addition of silicone can make a product much more slippery while menthol can give the product a warm feeling. A leather harness has a very different feel from one made of rubber. A vibrator made of silicone and one made of realistic materials have very different feeling if you are using them externally or for penetration. Typically materials from softest to hardest are as follows : realistic material, TPR, TPE, rubber, and silicone. Wood, metal, ABS plastic, and glass are all completely solid and hard materials. Materials can be smooth or textured and there can be design elements such as veins, testicles, and a penis head that can make the toy look and feel more realistic. Colour preferences are completely personal, they do not effect the feel of the material.


As with most consumer products, price can directly reflect the quality of a toy. Jelly rubber is a cheaper material than silicone and therefore less expensive than silicone. However, silicone toys are much more durable, hypo-allergenic, and last much longer. The different merits of the variety of materials are explained in more detail here. If you are new to these types of products or just trying a new style, we recommend that you purchase a model that is less expensive to start. This way you can experiment and find out which products work best for you with very little financial commitment. When you have decided which features you prefer and what style works then you can upgrade to a higher quality version which will be much more durable and last much longer.


We compiled this information from our years in the adult novelty industry and our interaction with our awesome customers. We used some reference books to fill in any blanks, such as the great work 'The Good Vibrations Guide To Sex' written by the founders of one of the original adult shops in North America 'Good Vibrations'.




A lubricant by definition is a substance used to minimize friction. Personal lubricant enables comfortable movement between people, your hand, or toys while providing moisture and enhancing sensation. We recommend that every sex act involve the use of lubricant as well as with the use of any toy whether used externally or internally. Women can also use lubricant to supplement any natural occurring moisture as this can fluctuate due to age, diet, illness, or stress. Men primarily use lubricant when masturbating, with intercourse, or with a sex toy. Placing a drop of lubricant on the tip of the penis and then placing a condom over the penis allows for more comfort and stimulation for the wearer during oral sex and intercourse. Anal lubricants are much thicker as to prevent over absorption and to help the lubricant to stay where you put it. There is no natural lubrication in the anus and the tissue is more tender than the vagina so this is important. Thicker lubricants are also recommended for toy use as they are less likely to run off the toy.


There are three main types of lubricants – water-based, silicone, and hybrids (water/silicone mix). Oil based lubricants are still available but to a much smaller extent. Water based lubricants are safe to use internally, with all sex toys, and with condoms. They are the most popular type of lubricant and generally the least expensive. Water based lubricants have less staying power as the main ingredient is water and water evaporates. If you find the lubricant begins to feel tacky simply add some water to re-invigorate. Generally you need little to no clean-up with water based lubricants as they will flush out of the body naturally and absorb to help moisturize skin. There are warming, cooling, and flavoured versions. Textures can vary from light, regular, lotion, and gel/cream. which is the thickest. The thickness of a lubricant is a personal preference and does not effect its' quality.


Silicone lubricant has a much higher viscosity than water-based meaning they stay slippery without re-applying and do not dry up. There are a few warming and cooling versions but not the same number as with water-based. Silicone lubricants will be flushed out naturally with internal use but will not be absorbed externally. You may require clean-up afterwards externally with soap and water. They may stain clothing or sheets. While not compatible with most sex toys, silicone lubricants can be used in the shower/bath as it does not dissolve in water. But be careful, if spilled it with make surfaces very slippery. Silicone lubricants do cost more but you use much less compared to water-based so the cost evens out. They are safe to use with condoms. We recommend that with any lubricant you start with a sample size or small bottle to try it out and see if it is the one for you before purchasing a larger size.


A hybrid lubricant has both qualities of water based and silicone lubricants and are growing in popularity. For example, they will be long lasting and silky like a silicone lubricant yet wash off easily and not stain like a water based. Creamy emollients are some times added to create a creamy appearance and texture. Oil based lubricants offer an entirely different texture that is not sticky and long lasting making them perfect for male masturbation. They are not recommended for internal use as the oil takes too long to break down. The majority of oil based lubricants contain traditional petroleum based oils which is why they are not to be used with condoms or sex toys.


Lubricants can have stimulating agents added to them and would be noted in the product description. There is also a wide range of organic or vegan friendly lubricants available. Additives such as carageenan, sea kelp, and guava bark are natural ingredients that help preserve the natural chemistry of the vagina especially for women who are sensitive. While massage oils cannot be used as lubricants, there are some lubricants that can be used for massage. This would be listed as a use in the specific products description. For those who would rather not use products with glycerin and/or parabens or have sensitivities to these ingredients, there is a great selection of lubricants that fit the bill. Glycerin free lubricants are recommended for women who are more susceptible to yeast infections.


Cleaning and Storage


Any lubricant can be washed off with soap and water. As mentioned above, water based lubricants will be absorbed by your skin externally whereas silicone will not. We do recommend that water based flavoured, warming, cooling, or stimulating lubricants be washed off. In an effort to avoid a wet spot or stains on your sheets, lay down a towel or another sheet/blanket on top of the surface you will be using lubricant. Liberator makes a great product called the Fascinator Throe which is a supple blanket with a waterproof membrane in the centre to prevent any liquids from seeping through. If you are less concerned with the wet spot but would like a stain free lubricant, check the individual product description for stain free options.


Store lubricants in a cool, dry area with the lids shut tightly. Lubricants should have an expiry date listed on the bottle or label. Please check the expiry date before using and dispose of any lubricant past its due date. Wipe any residue from the dispensing area of the lubricant bottle to prevent any bacteria.


Considerations :

What will the lubricant will be used for?

Would you prefer water-based or silicone?

What thickness would you prefer?

Would you prefer an organic, glycerin-free, or paraben-free lubricant?

Is there a special feature you are interested in – warming, cooling, stimulating, flavoured?


Sensual Products


There are a great variety of extremely sensual and intimate products available for individual and partner use that not only help to create a sexy environment but allow for incredibly stimulating experiences. There are two great Canadian companies in this category, Shunga and Lust Cosmetics, that produce all of their products in Canada. Kama Sutra, DONA by JO, and Booty Parlor are US companies that bring innovative and elegant products to both set the mood and engage the senses. Also, many of the large reputable lubricant companies have now expanded their product lines to include sensual products. This category also includes products made for women or men to address gender specific needs. There are organic and vegan versions for most products.


Luxurious doesn't begin to describe the rich and silky body butters, dust/powders, and creams. They have a variety of tantalizing scents and some are deliciously edible. Bath lotions, bubble bath, herbal bath essence, milk bath, and bath salts begin the process by softening and exfoliating the skin. Then with the application of skin creams, sprays, mists, polishes, and even caviar you will soft and delectably scented. To help set the mood we carry a variety of synthetic rose petals that can be scented and left as a trail for your partner and linen spray to treat the sheets. Once there, apply edible body chocolate in fun patterns and then lick it off. We carry a variety of products that contain synthetic pheromones. Pheromones are a chemical all animals and humans emit to attract the opposite sex. They are generally odourless and as they warm with your body temperature are emitted into the air. Different products have different concentrations and we recommend that you do not use perfumes or heavily scented body products when using pheromones so as to not dilute the effectiveness.


Massage oils can be neutral, scented, and/or flavoured. We even have a massage oil with 24 carat gold flakes that illuminate the skin. Massage oils are designed for external massage only and are not to be used internally or as a lubricant. Warming oils can be appealing as the lotion does not have to be warmed before placing on the skin. Massage candles provide a beautiful scent in the room and melt into a warm, not hot, massage oil that is ready to be poured on yourself or your partner. Because of the silky feel of massage oil, they can stain sheets. A relatively new addition are the body glides and tub gels. The Shunga Body Glide is a fun and adventurous product where your lay out the surface provided and fill it will a luxurious all over body glide. You and your partner lay in the glide and with movement become slippery and sensuous as your bodies glide over one another. The tub gels are a product that you add to bath water that turns it into a hot massaging gel that envelopes you. Since it is a gel it retains the heat of your bath water and is easily dissolved back into water. If you have a tub with jets, make sure the jets are closed before using


The products developed specifically for women tend to focus on both clitoral/g-spot stimulation and vaginal tightening. Clitoral and g-spot stimulating gels act to increase both the size and the sensitivity of the area that is being applied to. Clitoral stimulants can be gels, foams, or sprays and can come in a variety of strengths or intensities. We recommend that you always begin with a very small amount applied directly to the clitoris, you can always add more later. If you find you are sensitive you can use this product on the area surrounding the clitoris and not directly on it. The product can feel warm or cool depending on the brand. Once you have given the product a moment to absorb you can begin stimulation either during foreplay, intercourse, or masturbation. G-spot gels tend to be thicker as they are placed on your finger and applied internally a fingers length in towards your belly button. The different ingredients in tightening products temporarily cause the vagina to contract to feel warm and tight for both partners.


Products designed for men tend to be more for encouraging blood flow and extended pleasure. Prolongers or desensitizers provide a mild numbness to the penis and/or genital area to reduce stimulation and delay orgasm and ejaculation. Once the product is absorbed it won't be transferred to your parent and will gradually wear off to return to full sensation. This allows men to enjoy longer and more intense sexual experiences. Masturbation creams and lotions encourage increase blood flow to the penis and genitals and can aid in achieving an erection. There are some products that serve double duty. For example, Shunga Male Virility cream helps a male enhance and extend their lovemaking while the cream stimulates their partner.


New oral gels and lip glosses add an exciting addition to oral sex. While some cool and others warm, you can also create a fun environment in side your mouth with popping candies. There are products to help calm an overactive gag reflex to make giving oral sex more comfortable and enjoyable. For anal play, they are both relaxers and desensitizers. Relaxers work to relax the sphincter muscles to make penetration more comfortable and are designed more for people who are new to the activity. Desensitizers actually numb the area which can mask pain and discomfort. While we don't generally recommend these products they are people who are very well versed in anal play who find using this helpful.


Cleaning and Storage


Most massage oils will stain is spilled so we recommend laying down a towel or a separate sheet/blanket before starting. If you use the right amount, the oil should be absorbed by the skin. If not, it can cleaned off with soap and water. Most sensual products can be cleaned off the body with soap and water preferably in a quick shower to make sure you get everything.


Sensual bath and body products should have an expiry date on them. Make sure to check the expiry date before using and dispose of any expired product, especially any that is edible. All products should be stored in a dry, cool place with lids firmly shut and cleaned of any residue.


Considerations :

Am I looking for a product for bath or body?

Do I want a product that warms or cools?

Do I want a product that increases stimulation or desensitizes?

Am I looking for a kit of different products as a gift?




Vibrators have been around since the 1800's for doctors to perform 'pelvic massage' in women to induce 'hysterical paroxysm', or orgasm as we know it (the movie 'Hysteria' is a cute historical film about this). And as with everything else subject to evolution, vibrators have evolved into sophisticated pleasure devices for both men and women. There are not only a variety of styles available but materials, power sources, vibration patterns, and uses. Vibrators can be used solely for external stimulation, internal penetration, or both. A vibrator that has two appendages – usually one for vaginal insertion and the other for clitoral stimulation – is called a branch vibrator or a 'Rabbit'. There are also branch vibrators that are vagina/anus and clitoris/vagina/anus. Once you know how you would like to use your vibrator today and possibly further down the road, this begins to narrow your search.


Next you need to consider the material of the useable part of the vibrator – what actually touches or enters you, not the handle. Hard plastic vibrators are inflexible and offer a more intense, concentrated vibration since the material does not dilute the sensation. Soft jelly or rubber vibrators are squishy to the touch and can offer some flexibility. The vibrations are often slightly muted because of the soft material absorbing some of them. Silicone is somewhere in the middle where it can be soft to the touch yet firm with a little flexibility. Silicone is the highest grade material as it is incredibly durable and hypo-allergenic. It is also the most expensive. If you are new to sex toys or trying a new style of vibrator out then we would recommend a cheaper model. This may not last as long as a silicone vibrator but at least there is a smaller financial commitment if your discover that style just doesn't work for you.


How a vibrator is powered can not only effects the highest vibration intensity but can also effect the weight. Most battery operated vibrators take either AAA or AA batteries, two to four in quantity. These are heavier than the smaller rechargeable vibrators but lighter than corded vibrators. Corded electric vibrators tend to be the heaviest as they have the largest and most powerful motors. If the weight of a vibrator may affect your ability to hold and manoeuvre it you should take this into consideration. As far as the variability of vibration types and patterns, battery-operated and rechargeable vibrators are pretty similar overall. Electric vibrators, also known as massagers or wands, tend to have the smallest number of settings. A small vibrator which has the vibration concentrated at the tip may feel more intense than a large rechargeable model that transfers the vibration through the entire unit. Having a variety of different types of vibration makes it more likely you will find the sequence or pattern that hits the spot for you.


Sex toy manufacturers develop and market toys for a specific use but they are by no means limited to that. You can use a toy however works for you. Here are the more popular vibrator styles/types :


'Rabbit' or branch vibrators – designed for multiple stimulation/penetration

Wearable – a vibrating stimulator is attached to harness type straps holding it over the area hands free

Wands/Massagers – the most powerful, most corded vibrators fall into this category

Bullets/Eggs/Ball – the smallest vibrators, can be push button or remote controlled

Pocket/Finger – slightly larger than bullets or designed to fit on your finger

Wireless – powered by a wireless remote control, phone apps, or ambient sound

Clitoral – smaller vibrator designed specifically for clitoral stimulation

Nipple – a double vibrator designed specifically for nipple stimulation

Realistic – the vibrator is realistically molded to represent a penis

G Spot – generally curved at the tip to stimulate the g spot when inserted

Anal – designed for anal insertion and prostate stimulation


Cleaning and Storage


Vibrators can be cleaned with warm water and a mild soap or an anti bacterial toy cleaner. Keep water away from any metal parts or motors. Do not submerse the toy unless it is waterproof. Simply using a damp cloth with soap or cleaner to wipe all surfaces will suffice. Let the toy air dry before storing. Make sure to remove the batteries before storing the toy. Batteries can corrode or leak which can damage your vibrator. Also, if you remove the batteries there is no chance the device can be accidentally turned on or left on. Make sure rechargeable toys are completely turned off before storing and corded toys have the entire cord stored safely where it will not be pinched. It is always safest to store different toys apart from eachother, not touching, to prevent any interaction from different toy materials.


Considerations :

What is your price range?

Do you prefer battery operated, rechargeable, or corded?

Are you interested in a specific type?

Do you prefer a specific material?

Would you like it to be waterproof?




Dildos, also know as dongs, have the most historical background of any sex toy as they are visible in Egyptian vase art from the 6th century BC (harnesses and strap-ons were the next to appear). They do not have any motors or moving parts – which is what separates them from vibrators. Dildos can be made from the greatest variety of materials : glass, wood, steel, silicone, elastomer, realistic material, rubber, and everything in between. While most are phallic in shape or design they most definitely don't have to be. The can be used for vaginal, oral, or anal penetration. Some women use them for external stimulation by rubbing against their clitoris, breasts, and the exterior of the vagina. Dildos that are to be used for anal penetration should have a flared base, be made of a durable material, and a seamless exterior. You can also place a vibrating erection ring on the dildo for external stimulation.


The sizes of dildos vary as much as the materials. A dildo with a suction cup base can be attached to a wall, headboard, or shower stall to hold the toy in place during use. Dildos with a suction cup or flared base can be used with the corresponding harness, generally using a ring attachment. Also, if you are planning to use your dildo with a harness it should be firm enough to retain a somewhat erect position from the harness. There are double ended dildos where the penetration can be vaginal/anal for a single person, one end is inserted and the other is used for external stimulation, or can be used between two different people simultaneously with either vaginal or anal penetration. Double ended dildos may appear straight but are flexible, some more than others, depending on the material. Materials that are not flexible are glass, wood, and metal. While some are flexible enough to achieve double penetration for a single person not all can.


Cleaning and Storage


The care and storage of a dildo depends on the material but generally any mild hand soap or anti-bacterial toy cleaner can be used and then the toy is air dried. Silicone dildos are much more durable and can be briefly boiled or placed in the top shelf of a dishwasher to sterilized. Dildos should be stored separately from other toys to prevent any materials reacting to each other. You should also take care that there are no sharp or jagged surfaces where the dildo is to be stored as it can tear.


Considerations :

What material will work for me?

What is the size I would like?

Would I like to use this dildo with a harness? (Does it have a flared base, suction cup, or testicles that can facilitate the attachment to a harness).


Ben Wa Balls, Kegel Exercisers and Dilators


While not traditionally a dildo, Ben Wa balls are an insertable toy that does not vibrate via a motor and therefore fall under this category. Traditional Ben Wa balls are two separate balls with a smaller ball inside each that can be felt if you shake the ball. Once inserted vaginally, with your own movement the inner ball moves around and provides a gentle stimulation to the vaginal can and can help engage and tone your kegel muscles. Some women have reported inserting Ben Wa balls and then going for a car or motorcycle ride. The constant vibration from the road engaged the Ben Wa balls and the sensation was heightened. The balls can also bump eachother with your body movement which can be a pleasant feeling. Because of their weight your kegel muscles may engage to try to hold them in place and not fall out. Ben Wa balls should never be used anally.


The traditional Ben Wa balls have evolved to address their apparent limitations. Today, they are made of larger metal ball bearings sealed in silicone or another material and joined together with a removal cord for easy insertion/removal. The larger ball bearings create a much more intense sensation as they roll inside the encasement. They are generally marketed as Duotone Balls or Kegel Exercisers. Having strong Kegel muscles facilitates stronger orgasms, may make g spot stimulation and female ejaculation more attainable, and allows you to grasp and release a male partner during penetration. Flexing your kegel muscles while masturbating or intercourse brings blood to the area and makes you more aware of the sensation. You can feel your Kegel muscles contract, which are the same muscles that stop urine flow, by inserting your fingers into your vagina and contracting your pelvic muscles.


Kegel exercisers with the use of dilators help with vaginal elasticity which can be very helpful during menopause and overall vaginal health. Some women who experience pain during intercourse, have had surgery, or other medical treatments have had their health care professionals recommend the use of dilators to progressively and gently increase vaginal elasticity. Dilators are generally a series of successively larger dildos or a dildo with different size sleeves. They can also be an inflatable dildo where you progressively inflate to larger sizes with your comfort level. With the use of dilators and exercises to relax your pelvic floor muscles you can not only help to physically relax the area but help to remove some of the anxiety you may have felt in the past with vaginal pain.


Cleaning and Storage


Ben Wa balls, Kegel Exercisers, and Dilators can all be cleaned with warm water and a mild soap or an anti-bacterial toy cleaner. If the product is made of silicone, it can be boiled for five minutes to sterilize. Let air dry and store separate from other toys.


Considerations :

What size/weight of Kegel Exercisers am I interested in?

Would I prefer a dilators of different sizes or am I ready for an inflatable device?

Am I interested in wearing the Kegel Exercisers for longer periods of time? (Silicone would be the best material to purchase for this.)


Harnesses and Strap-Ons


Strap-ons and harnesses let you use a dildo or plug attachment without having to hold it in your hands. Harnesses can be strapped on to your thigh, chest, hand, head, or foot but they are mainly worn around your waist and are designed similar to an undergarment. The simplest style is a dildo attached to a single waist strap. From there harnesses can be made of a variety of materials and styles. The most popular styles are G-String (thong), Jockstrap (thigh straps), and brief/boxer short. The jockstrap style tends to be more secure where the g-string style allows you to feel the movement of the dildo. Harnesses can be made of nylon, neoprene, leather, rubber, latex, satin, or cotton. Body harnesses are generally made of neoprene or leather. All harness can be adjusted at different points to achieve a comfortable, snug fit. Once a harness is put on with the attachment and adjusted there should not be any sagging in the front with a comfortable, snug fit.


A good strap-on should fit well and feel good by both the wearer and the partner. Strap-ons can be used by anyone, males or females, any sexual orientation. They are not limited to penetration/ thrusting. They can also be used for g-spot/prostate stimulation, role-playing, and fantasy play. Some strap on/harness kits have the attachment permanently secured to the harness. Other styles allow for a variety of interchangeable dildos with a flared base or testicles attached via an o-ring attachment. The Vac U Lock system by Doc Johnson has a system where the attachment is secured via a plug fed through the harness. There are also harnesses that accommodate a butt plug that is held in place by the harness and can be enjoyed by the wearer.


For men, there are attachments that are hollow where they can insert their penis. This can aid men with erectile difficulties or men who want to give their partner the experience of being penetrated by a larger size. There are also harnesses designed with an opening below the attachment for the penis to 'double penetrate' a female partner for example. For women, there are harnesses with double ended attachments where one end can be inserted in the wearers vagina and the other end is inserted into their partner. Most harnesses designed for female wearers expose the vagina which allows for stimulation and possibly penetration while wearing the harness. Little pockets sewn into the top of the harness holds a vibrating bullet to increase the pleasure for the wearer.


Cleaning and Storage


Patent or rubber harnesses can be wiped clean with a mild soap or an anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Neoprene or fabric harnesses can be hand washed in the sink with a mild/delicate laundry soap. Leather harness should be wiped clean with a damp cloth and a mild soap or anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Make sure to wipe the harness down at the end with just clean water to remove any residue from the soap. Let air dry. A leather harness may need to be treated over time like you would a leather jacket to keep it supple.


The care of the attachment depends on the material it is made of. All attachments can be cleaned with a damp cloth with warm water and a mild soap or anti-bacterial toy cleaner. After left to air dry, store separately from other toys and the harness (if detachable). Silicone, non-vibrating attachments can be boiled for five minutes and are top rack dishwasher safe.



Considerations :

What size and style do I need? (Most harnesses are sized by the waist measurement. More substantial harnesses and harnesses with thigh straps tend to work better for larger attachments).

Am I looking for a specific attachment? (If you are considering a hollow or a double ended attachment you would need the corresponding type of harness).


Erection Rings/Cock Rings


The main purpose of an erection ring is to help sustain an existing erection by trapping the blood in the penis by placing tension at the base. They can also delay climax and increase the intensity. Erection rings can be a closed circle or adjustable ring and made from either a stretchy or firm material. The firm erection rings, made of materials such as steel or wood, are generally placed at the bast of the penis before an erection is achieved and aren't removed until after orgasm or loss of erection. The stretchy or adjustable rings can placed over the already erect penis and affixed at the base. They can be removed at any time. They can be secured with Velcro or snaps for example. There are also adjustable cock ties which resemble a cord or tie connected by a sliding bead to adjust tightness. The pressure applied by an erection ring can be very pleasurable and increase sensation. This feeling is not for everyone and we definitely recommend a stretchy or adjustable erection ring to start to see if this is something for you.


Erection rings can be smooth or have texture for extra stimulation for you and your partner. Additional stimulation can be provided via vibration units attached to the ring that are either battery operated or rechargeable. If there is only one vibrating unit it can be worn at the top side of the shaft at the base to stimulate your partner or underneath the shaft at the base to stimulate your perineum and the top of the scrotum. Clitoral stimulation during penetration via an erection ring tends to work better with the female on top and with erection rings that have a more sizeable stimulator extending from the ring. Vibrating erection rings can also be stretched around your fingers to give you vibration wherever your fingers go (not meant for insertion however).


Some single erection rings are designed to feed both your penis and your testicles through them. They can also two to three distinct rings, one for your penis and one for each of your testicles. Many men find that having tension at the top of the testicles is very pleasurable and increases the intensity and length of their orgasms. There are also what is known as cock cages, cock harnesses, or sleeves that can look like a series of erection rings stacked on top of eachother. Others are not designed to be used with penetration but are more restrictive in nature for bondage and fetish play. The general rule is that an erection ring or sleeve should not be worn for more than 20 to 30 minutes when you should return to natural blood flow. If you experience any pain or discomfort remove the ring right away. If you see swelling the ring is too tight and should be removed right away. After removing the ring the penis may temporarily feel cool and have a bluish tinge as you regain regular blood flow.


Cleaning and Storage


All materials can be cleaned with warm water and a mild soap or an anti-bacterial cleaner. Silicone products can also be briefly boiled or washed on the top shelf of a dishwasher. Do not submerse any metal parts or motors in water when cleaning. Let all toys air dry before storing. Toys should be stored separately from other toys as different materials can interact with eachother. Any toys with vibrators than can be removed should be before cleaning. For toys with self contained motors, remove the batteries before storing to prevent corrosion.


Considerations :

What material would you like (stretchy or firm)?

Would you like adjustable or solid?

Are you interested in any extras – vibration, ring for testicles, etc.?


Penis Extensions and Sleeves


Penis sleeves are designed to add girth and texture and are open ended as to not cover the head of the penis. A penis extension also adds length with a contoured tip that goes over the penis head. Most extensions are realistic in appearance and feel. The extension fits comfortably on the penis which slides into an indent inside of the extension. These products come in rubber, latex, TPR, silicone, or realistic flesh-like materials. Some models have the option of vibration with an external bullet or a vibrating mechanism embedded in the extension. An erection ring can be placed over the sleeve or extension near the base to help hold the product in place. For the realistic material extensions, the base can be trimmed to the exact length to reach the base of the penis when erect. Both penis extensions and sleeves can be used on other toys such as vibrators and dildos to add texture, girth, and length.


Cleaning and Storage


The majority of penis sleeves and extensions can be turned inside out to clean both sides thoroughly. You should use warm water and a mild anti-bacterial soap or an anti-bacterial toy cleaner. For products made of a realistic material you can use any non-talc powder to soften the toy if it feels tacky after air drying. Silicone products can be boiled for five minutes or top rack dishwasher to sterilize. Store products separately as different materials will react to one another if they come into contact.


Considerations :

Would you like to add girth or length or both?

Is this product for use on a penis or a toy?

Would you like this product to look and feel realistic?




Male penis pumps are generally all the same design – a cylinder with a 'donut' at the opening attached to a pumping mechanism to remove the air from inside the cylinder to create a vacuum effect. The 'donut' or large ring is designed to create a vacuum within the cylinder and not let any air escape. The sizes of the cylinders and the method for pumping can vary as well as a vibrating option. Male pumps are mainly used for aiding a male achieve an erection but can also be used for masturbation with some designs. The effects of using a male pump are not permanent regardless of what some products may claim. A male would have to use the pump before intercourse of masturbation to help achieve an erection. Some men do experience a temporary increase in girth because of the amount of blood a pump can draw to the penis, but again this effect is not permanent.


All pumps come with a release valve to release the pressure from inside the cylinder. Some men will place an erection ring at the bottom of the cylinder. This way when they achieve their desired state then can slip the erection ring onto to the base of the penis to help keep the erection before they release the vacuum and remove the cylinder. Most cylinders are designed for the full penis to be inserted while some are designed for just the head of the penis. Some pumps include a pressure gauge for you to note at which level of pressure you are most comfortable with or what you can achieve without discomfort. If you experience any discomfort using a pump release the pressure right away.


Female pumps focus on the clitoris, vaginal area, and nipples and tend to be much smaller in size. All female pumps are designed to create a vacuum over the desired area engorging it with blood which can make the area very responsive to touch and stimulation. Nipple pumps can be used by men also as this area can be very sensitive for both sexes. As with male pumps, the level of suction is personal where you would pump to achieve your desired sensation and not discomfort. Female pumps also have a release valve or removal technique to remove the pump at any time. They can be made of a variety of materials and some have a vibrating option.


Cleaning and Storage


For both men's and women's pumps, you generally only have to clean the cylinder or the piece that comes into contact with your skin. Clean with warm water and a mild soap or an anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Pumps are easy to disassemble so if you find that lubricant has gotten in the hose, you can run warm water through it to clean. Make sure all parts have completely dried before storing.


Considerations :

For men, what cylinder size am I comfortable with?

For women, where do I want to use the pump?

Do I want a vibrating option?


Male Masturbators


Male masturbators include a wide range of products ranging from devices that only the head of the penis is stimulated to life size love dolls.  The variety of products also reflects the variety of materials used.  The most basic male masturbators are textured sleeves that a male would insert his penis into and with a stroking motion enjoy the different textures of the sleeve.  Masturbation sleeves can also be used by a person to stimulate their partner and some men will use these products to simply help them achieve an erection.  Many men use these toys to help 'train' themselves to delay ejaculation or to build up a more intense orgasm.  This is true of all male masturbation toys.

Sleeves can be made of rubber, silicone, and realistic flesh like material.  The rubber or silicone sleeves are much more durable than the flesh like material whereas the flesh like toys are much more realistic in appearance and feel.  Some masturbators are modelled after adult film stars from molds of the actual person.  You would have to weigh the pros and cons for each to determine which is best for you.  Some male masturbation toys have the option of vibration usually via a strategically placed vibrating bullet inserted or attached to the toy.  There are some products that are fully motorized usually providing a stroking sensation without any movement of the toy.  Male masturbators increase in complexity with size, detail. multiple entry points, and life-like love dolls.  Love dolls or larger realistic body replicas have multiple textured insertion tunnels for stimulation and vibrating options.  Most of these products are made of realistic flesh like materials.

Cleaning and Storage

Most male masturbators have an insertion tunnel that extends to another part of the toy for easy cleaning by running water and mild soap/anti-bacterial cleaner through.  Some sleeves are also soft enough to turn inside out to clean and let air dry.  Realistic flesh like materials require additional care to maintain their supple texture.  After cleaning and air drying, use a non-talc powder on the material to prevent the material from drying out and remain soft.  If you find the material feels tacky simply use more non-talc powder.  Store separately from other toys of different materials and take care to keep the toy away from sharp or jagged surfaces as the material will tear.

Considerations : Would you like your toy to look realistic?

                            Would you like your toy to feel realistic?

                            Would you like your toy to offer vibration or have powered parts?


With the massive international success of the Fifty Shades of Grey books, bondage has been a more common topic of conversation.  And of course the conversation uncovers that lite bondage is very common and a regular part of a lot of sexual activity.  Bondage toys begin with blindfolds, feathers, and sashes for wrist restraints, to handcuffs, whips, and nipple clamps.  Extreme bondage can include hoods, floggers, and electro-stim devices.  The variety of products available in this category is endless and with the success of Fifty Shades there are a great number of entry level products for people new to bondage made in sensual materials and packaged in an enticing way.  Since the majority of these products aren't meant or designed for insertion the materials used are selected more for comfort and durability.  The key to any level of bondage is communication – as long as you and your partner have discussed boundaries then these products offer an exciting and erotic element to your sex life.

The two areas of bondage products are restriction and sensation.  Blindfolds restrict your sight and ball gags restrict your voice.  Restraints restrict your movement letting your partner have full control over your stimulation.  The excitement and pleasure is drawn from not being able to use your own hands or adjust your position.  Blindfolds or hoods come in a variety of materials but should be comfortable to wear and fit properly to obstruct sight.  Mouth gags also come in a variety of shapes and materials.  Since part of the gag will be inserted in your mouth you should consider the material used and the durability.  Restraints can be used on wrists, ankles, waist, neck, or thighs.  They can also be used as position aids where you can attach your ankles together and then hold the restraint to achieve different angles for penetration.  Restraints can be made from soft silk that the wearer could possibly undo themselves to heavy duty leather that are locked and chained.

The other side to bondage is a variety of products used to achieve different sensations along the pleasure-pain continuum.  We start with feathers gently gliding on the skin to the quick sting of a small whip or crop and then back to the feathers.  Alternating the sensations is a common technique and if your partner cannot see you then they are unaware of which sensation is coming next adding to the excitement and pleasure.  These devices can definitely become more intense as they grow in size and are made of different textured materials.  The bondage category contains a subcategory of Extreme Bondage for those who are well versed in bondage and are progressing into the worlds of dominance and S&M.  These products tend not to be for beginner's and, as mentioned before, are preceded by discussion with your partner.

Cleaning and Storage

Most bondage toys and apparel can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild soap or sprayed with an anti-bacterial toy cleaner.  It really depends on the material.  Most patent/synthetic products can be wiped as well as leather.  Some of the higher end leather may require treating as you would a leather jacket and proper storage away from a drying heat source.  Some blindfolds, cuffs, and hoods can be hand washed in the sink.

Considerations :  What price point are you considering? (If it is your first try with this type of toy, buying the less expensive model is recommended).

                               Is the toy easy to use? (Beginners should start with restraints that are easy to put on and get off themselves).

                             What level of sensation are you looking for? (From softest to more intense – feathers, suede, leather, metal, rubber.  Rubber can                              momentarily grab the skin which makes it the most intense).

Anal Toys

Exploring anal stimulation should always begin with your or your partners fingers – applying pressure just to the exterior of the area, moving them around, getting used to the sensation.  If you choose to penetrate yourself anally this should also be done with your fingers at first so you can control the speed and depth.  If you then want to try out a toy, you should start with a toy basically the same size as your finger.  We always recommend that you start small and then can increase or change the size in the future.  For both men and women, a toy with a curve can target either the prostate or the g-spot.  For some women, they find that stimulating their g-spot anally is easier than vaginally.  There a many products that are developed and marketed as anal toys and some that are not yet can successfully be used for anal play.  Anal toys have the following three characteristics : they are smooth/seamless, they have a flared base or an ending that would prevent the toy from travelling, and they are made of a sturdy material that is easy to clean.  The types of anal toys also fall into three categories : butt plugs, anal beads, and anal dildos.

Butt plugs are designed for insertion and pleasure is derived form the pressure felt by the wearer.  They tend to be narrow at the tip and just above the base with different widths and textures throughout the body of the butt plug.  Butt plugs have a flared base to prevent them from moving once inserted.  They can be worn during foreplay or intercourse and are also safe to be worn for longer periods of time.  Butt plugs with longer necks tend to stay in more easily for longer times.  Some butt plugs are inflatable which allows the user to progressively enlarge the plug with repeated use.  The larger or heavier the plug - the greater the sensation. Butt plugs made of metal or glass tend to be the heaviest.  By adding this sensation to your solo or partnered sex, you can experience a much more intense and deep arousal.

Anal beads are a string of balls or beads that are inserted anally to stimulate the two ringed sphincter muscles in the anal canal.  As you remove the beads they pass over the muscles and provide a very pleasurable sensation.   Some people will time the removal of the beads with their orgasm as the sensation mirrors the muscle contractions that generally accompany orgasm.  This intensifies your orgasm and overall pleasure.  The actual beads and the material that attaches them should be a completely sealed unit making the toy easy to clean and reusable.  If there are not they are designed for single use and should be disposed of after use.

Basically any dildo can be used vaginally or orally.  However, anal dildos must have a flared base or a design which prevents the dildo from progressing further in the rectum.  They should also be smooth, seamless, and made of a sturdy material as all anal toys.  Beginner anal dildos tend to be smaller than vaginal dildos but can progress to relatively substantial sizes.  You should select a dildo that is a desirable width for you.  Length is less of a consideration since the toy does not have to be inserted all the way.   As with all anal play, slow progression with a generous amount of anal lubricant ensures a pleasurable and safe experience.  Toys that are used anally should not be used vaginally or orally before they are thoroughly cleaned with an anti-bacterial toy cleaner.  Using a condom on an anal toy helps keep it cleaner and safer but should still be cleaned before any subsequent use.

Cleaning and Storage

For all materials, cleaning can be done with warm water and a mild soap or an anti-bacterial toy cleaner.  For anal toys in particular I would recommend the anti-bacterial toy cleaner or an anti-bacterial soap to ensure proper cleaning.  Silicone toys can be boiled for five minutes or top shelf in the dishwasher.  Never use a toy anally and then proceed to vaginal stimulation before thoroughly cleaning and drying.  Using condoms on the toy will also help keep the toy especially clean.  Store toys separately as products of different materials can react to eachother.

Considerations :   What material do you prefer? (Non-porous materials such as glass, wood, metal and  silicone can be sterilized and last longer.)

                               What width/size are you comfortable with?

                               Does the toy have a good base for you that will prevent movement?

Prostate Stimulation

There is an ever growing selection of toys specifically designed for prostate stimulation in men.  As time passes, heterosexual men have discovered that this is extremely pleasurable and in no way reflects their sexual identity.  We have had men come in with prescriptions from their doctors to purchase a toy to stimulate their prostate.  The prostate holds the fluid that is mixed with sperm to make semen.  If this fluid is not expelled regularly, it can create an environment that can promote prostate cancer.  Not only is prostate stimulation very pleasurable it has very real health benefits for some men.  Prostate stimulation, or prostate massage, can be achieved with using either fingers or a toy that is inserted approximately three inches inside the rectum and putting pressure or stroking toward the front of the body.  If you are using your fingers you should feel a walnut sized bulge in this area, that is the prostate gland.

Prostate stimulation should begin during or after foreplay, after arousal has already began.  Many men can reach orgasm through prostate stimulation alone and it enhances genital stimulation as the prostate sits on top of the root of the penis.  Prostate stimulators generally have a curve to press upon the prostate gland.  They can be manipulated manually or can be used simply by flexing the sphincter muscles once the toy is inserted.  The tensing of the muscles presses the toy against the prostate.  Most prostate toys have an external branch that applies pressure to the perineum which essentially stimulates the prostate externally.  With the tensing and releasing of the muscle the toy is rocked between internal and external pressure.  These toys aren't meant for thrusting but can be manually manipulated by hand to adjust or apply added pressure.

Prostate toys are firmer in design to apply the necessary pressure.  They can be made of hard plastic, rubber, silicone, glass, metal, and wood.  Make sure to use a thicker water-based anal lubricant placing some on the toy, around the anal opening, and internally with your fingers.  Some prostate toys have a vibrating option usually providing vibration internally or externally on the perineum.  They also come in a variety of sizes and thickness.  We recommend, as with most toys, to begin with a smaller model until you are comfortable with this type of activity.  Having the toy inserted while you stimulate yourself elsewhere leads to a much more intense and deep orgasmic feeling.

Cleaning and storage

Prostate toys can be cleaned with warm water and a mild soap or with an anti-bacterial toy cleaner.  Using a condom with the toy with help protect the toy and keep it cleaner.  Silicone toys without vibration or removable vibrators can be boiled for five minuted to sterilize.  Let the toy air dry and store separately from your other toys. 

Considerations : What size of toy am I currently comfortable with?

                           What material do I prefer?

                           Would I like vibration?

Position Aids and Toy Mounts

Every 'body' is different – height, width, etc. - and sometimes we need some help matching up with our partners.  Position aids do just that while alleviating discomfort from soreness or injury.  Gone are the days of shoving and stacking pillows under and around us to try to 'hit the spot'.  Position aids are made of different size and shape high density foam with removable and washable covers in a variety of colours and textures.   Whether you are trying to hold a physically demanding position or sustain an angle, position aids are perfect and most can blend seamlessly into your everyday decor.  A less expensive alternative are blow up versions of the foam pieces that when deflated are much easier to store but aren't as durable.

Besides the foam position aids, there are swings - sex swings -  that enable a variety of positions by a person suspended in a swing.  Swings can be attached to cross beams in the ceiling or a door frame.  Some are anchored on the other side of a closed door that is then locked.  There are also portable sex swing stands for those who do not wish the imbedded permanent O ring sleeve for hookup.  For a more portable and less involved system, there are kits with straps, bars, and cuffs to help people both hold different positions and facilitate penetration in others.  Some of these are marketed more as a bondage product but do help with different positions.

A natural evolution from the standard position aids came toy mounts which creates a hands free pleasure experience.  These are especially useful for the larger and/or more powerful toys that can be difficult to hold during use.  Most mounts for women are designed to straddle or sit on and ride.   For men, the mounts can hold masturbation toys so they can easily be used in a variety of positions.  Toy mounts, like position aids are made of high density foam with an slot for the toy to be inserted.  All covers are removable and washable.

Cleaning and Storage

Most position aids have a removable cover that can be washed in cold water in your washing machine or hand washed.  Lay out to dry, do not put in the dryer as they may shrink.  Storing should be considered before purchasing since these pieces can be very large.  Most can be kept out in plain view on the bed or can be used as popular furniture pieces.  If you plan on storing them out view make sure you have a space for it before you purchase it.

Considerations : How big a unit will you be able to store or have room for as furniture/bed pillows?

                           What position/angle do you want it to achieve or help?

                           Do you want it to be able to hold a toy?


We are proud to headline our lingerie listings with three Canadian companies : Coquette Lingerie, Allure Leather, and Gregg Homme.  All three companies are heavyweights in the industry and offer gorgeous and unique designs in all materials imaginable.  Sizing from Small to Queen/Diva for women and Extra Small to XXXL for men.  We supplement these companies with some US offerings : Baci Lingerie, Pleaser Shoes, Elegant Moments, Dreamgirl, and Leg Avenue.  Each manufacturer has their own size charts with the corresponding measurements.  We recommend that you consider the size chart, the style of the garment, and the fabric to make the correct choice.  If you need any help picking the right size or questions about fabrics and maintenance, please contact us at any time.


Bustier/Corset : By definition a bustier tends to be shorter and is designed to promote the bust whereas a corset is longer and shapes/supports the body.  Both products tend to have boning to give it shape and structure as well as lacing to customize the fit.  Having a garment with lacing is a great idea for women who have a wide scope in their waist/chest/bust measurements that fall outside the general parameters.  With lacing you can pick a size that would fit your smallest measurement while loosening the larger areas with the laces for a great fit.  There are also waist cinchers which is a type of corset that sits below the breasts and cinches the waist area.

2 or 3 piece sets :  generally these have a top, bottom, and for three piece sets, a garterbelt.  The top and bottom can be a variety of styles.  Tops can be open bust, shelf bra, half bra, full bra, and camisoles.  The bottoms can be thongs, g-strings, crotchless panties, full panties, and boyshorts.  Garterbelts can be different widths and are used mainly to attach stockings but that isn't necessary.  If you are not going to be attaching stockings it may be recommended that you by a garterbelt with detachable garters.

Babydolls/Chemise/Dresses : All of these styles are worn for the body, either with straps or without.  A babydoll tends to sit at waist/hip length and flow from the body.  They usually have matching panties.  A chemise is a longer garment going to the top of the thighs with differing tightness to the body depending on style.  They may or may not come with matching panties.  For some manufacturers there isn't much difference between what they label a chemise and a dress.  Typically a dress has the most material and coverage.  They tend to be the most discreet.

Teddy : A teddy is a full body garment that goes around the neck or over the shoulders to the crotch.  They tend to have a very high leg cut out.  They are similar to a full body swimsuit just with more sensual style, materials, and fit.  Some women will purchase the more opaque teddies to wear under jackets or blouses for coverage and a secure fit.

Bodystockings and hosiery : Bodystockings are garments that have enclosed feet like hosiery but continue over the body to the bust with either shoulder straps or a neck strap.  Most are crotchless which enables the wearer to keep the garment on during sexual play if they desire.  Bodystockings are made of the same variety of material as the hosiery we carry.

Accessories : Under this category you will find bras, tops, garterbelts, and panties for sale individually.  We have elegant satin and lace gloves to finish off your seductive outfit.  Nipple pasties have become very popular and most have a reusable self adhesive that is easy to remove and clean.  Other models use a harmless body adhesive to attach them that can be washed off.

Cleaning and Storage

All non-leather or -patent lingerie should be hand washed with a detergent meant for delicates and laid out to air dry on a towel.  Corsets and bustiers should be stored hung on hangers.  Dresses and chemises are best hung on hangers too to prevent wrinkles.  Sets, hosiery, and bodystockings can be stored by rolling up and stored in an area where they cannot be caught and damaged on a jagged surface or by other garments.  The specific leather and patent care and storage instructions are included in the product description for the particular product that are provided by their manufacturer.

Considerations : What material do you prefer?

                            For women, what style are you considering : bustier/corset, 2/3pc sets (bra, panties, garterbelt), babydolls, teddies, chemise/dress,                                     bodystockings/hosiery, or accessories (pasties, underwear, bras, gloves,etc.)?

                            For men, what style are you considering : boxer, briefs, thong/g-string, jockstrap, pants, or tops?

Body Jewelry and Tattoos

The history of erotic body jewelry goes back centuries and can serve the dual purpose of both beauty and function.  Nipple jewelry can provide pressure to your nipples while the beads on clitoral jewelry can gently caress the area with your body movements.  Applying temporary nipple and pubic gems reflects your own confidence and are incredibly erotic visually.   Temporary tattoos have become very popular for their fun and sometimes raunchy messages.  More elegant versions are also available in gold leaf and intricate designs.

Cleaning and Storage

Body tattoos generally last three days before wearing off.  They can be washed off at any time with rubbing alcohol.  Body jewelry should be cleaned with warm water and a mild soap or an anti-bacterial toy cleaner and left to air dry.  Store body jewelry where it will be kept clean and safe from damage.

Considerations : Where would you like to use the body jewelry?   

                             Would you like the option of applying pressure or tension?

                             Do you have a specific colour in mind?

Herbal Enhancers

There are a variety of products available on the market right now that can enhance your libido and help achieve erections.  These products are labelled 100% herbal and some list the ingredients on the packaging.  As with any oral stimulant, we recommend that you consult with your physician before taking any of these products.  This especially important for men who may have health issues concerning their heart or blood pressure.  The efficacy of these products really depends on the person as each product has a different recipe.  We recommend you try the single dosage package size first to see if you achieve the desired effects.

Cleaning and Storage

Store in a dry, cool area away from pets or children.  All products have an expiry date.  Please safely dispose of any products that are past their expiry.

Considerations : Do I have any existing conditions affecting my blood pressure or heart functions?

                            Am I taking any medications?  If so, I need to consult with my pharmacist/doctor to confirm they are safe for me.

Condoms and Safer Sex

Condoms, both male and female, are a very effect way to protect yourself and your partner from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.  They are easy to use, portable, and are relatively easy to find.  Condoms are used with any type of penetration or male oral sex and must be disposed of after a single use.  There are both condoms for men and women to wear.  The majority of condoms are made of latex but there are non-latex materials available such as body-safe polyisoprene and polyurethane.  Latex gloves or finger cots for digital penetration and dental dams for female oral sex are also important tools of protection from STI's.  Using condoms to cover sex toys will not only help your toy last longer but will make it easier to clean and safer for sharing.  It has also been recently discussed that condoms make for healthier vaginas as they prevent the disruption of the natural balance within.

For men, finding your best condom means finding the best fit.  The thickness of the condom is irrelevant if the condom does not fit properly.  This might require some trial and error so we recommend purchasing either singles or the three packs to try out different brands before investing in the larger pack sizes.  Different companies may have different designs, textures, or shapes to their condoms and use different kinds of latex.  This also makes it necessary to try some different brands to find your best fit.  If you are purchasing condoms to solely be used on your sex toys, the most inexpensive brand is sufficient since comfort is less of a concern.  Unlubricated or flavoured condoms are best for oral sex while textured condoms can provide extra stimulation for both you and your partner.

Here are some tips for the proper use of male condoms :


  1. Condoms should be stored in a cool place.  All condom boxes and the individual condoms should have an expiry date.  Check the expiry date before use and dispose of any expired condoms.  If the condom wrapper is torn, punctured, or compromised in any way, dispose of the condom.
  2. Use caution when opening the condom wrapper and removing the condom.  Use a drop of water based lubricant on the tip of the penis.  This helps with unrolling the condom and adds sensation for the wearer.  For an uncircumcised penis, pull back the foreskin when putting on  the condom.
  3. If the condom has a reservoir tip squeeze the air out of it before unrolling the condom.  If there is no reservoir tip keep about a half of an inch free at the top of the condom when unrolling.
  4. Feel free to add more water based to the exterior of the condom and on your partner to facilitate penetration.  When withdrawing, hold the base of the condom so it doesn't slip off.  Dispose of the condom in the trash, do not flush.  Condoms are not re-usable, they cannot be rinsed out or cleaned.  Use a new condom for each act of penetration.


How to use a female condom :


  1. A female condom is basically a longer and wider male type condom with a flexible ring at each end.  The woman inserts the closed end with the ring into her vagina while the opening ring remains anchored on the exterior resting over the labia.  Make sure to insert the condom without twisting it.  Use your finger to make sure the inner ring at the closed end is pushed as far in as possible.  This ring will help anchor the condom internally.
  2. Female condoms can be inserted ahead of time.  Make sure the interior of the condom is sufficiently lubed as well as the penis to ensure smooth gliding.  Hold the base of the condom during intercourse to secure it.  The loose fit of the female condom may increase sensation for a male partner.
  3. Carefully remove the female condom by twisting the end to trap all of the ejaculate and fluids then dispose of in the trash.  Do not flush.  Do not use female and male condoms at the same time.


How to use a dental dam :


  1. Rinse off the dental dam after removing it from the package.  Place some water based lubricant on the genitals of the receiver for comfort and to increase sensation.  Either the giver or receiver can hold the dental dam in place over the genitals.
  2. Don't inadvertently reverse the side of the dental dam that comes into contact with the genitals – only one side should.  When done with the dam, dispose of it in the trash, do not flush.


How to use Latex gloves/Finger Cots :


  1. Make sure to remove any jewelry/rings before placing your hand inside the glove or finger in a cot.  Also check that your nails are trimmed to ensure that they do not pierce the material.
  2. Rinse any powder off the glove before using.  For latex allergies, Nitrile gloves can be used. Lube up the glove which can can now be used for any type of stimulation or penetration by your hand/fingers.   These are useful when stimulating areas that have been recently pierced or to cover hands/fingers that may have cuts/abrasions on them.
  3. Once done remove the glove/cot and dispose of in the trash.  Do not flush.  Make sure to change gloves/cots if they have been used for anal stimulation before proceeding to a different area.


Cleaning and Storage


Condoms and safe sex products are not designed to be cleaned and re-used.  Dispose of any product after use.  Store in a dry, cool area away from direct sunlight.  You should avoid storing in the glove compartments or storage area of a car as they can heat up very easily and compromise the product.  Most products have an expiry date and should be safely disposed off when expired.  Do not use expired condoms or other safe sex products.


Considerations : Do I need non-latex condoms?

                            Would I like flavoured condoms/dental dams to use for oral sex?

                            What kind of fit would I like?


Books and Games

Our books tend to fall into two categories : Erotica and Instructional.  Instructional titles are relatively self explanatory as the generally list their topic in the title.  Instructional books work really well as a reference tool that you can access down the road as you explore that specific activity further.  Erotica is as varied as topics of sex and sexuality.  The first thing to consider is the main orientation of the book.  For instance is it heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, or a combination.  Also, does the story focus on a couple or is there content about group sex or multiple partners?  What sex acts does it focus on or describe in the book?  Is the writing very explicit (detailed) or leaves something to the imagination?  Is there content reflecting bondage or domination?

Erotica can be found with a variety of genres such as mystery, crime, sci-fi, travel, or romance.  The text can be very explicit and detailed or somewhat subdued leaving a little more to the imagination.  Women's erotica is mainly written by women and have powerful female characters with stories told in the first person.  Compilation pieces offer a great variety of different authors and shorter stories so you can enjoy a variety of topics and writing styles.  There are also popular Gay and Lesbian erotica titles.  Books are more discreet than movies and can be enjoyed anywhere.  As our staff read the variety of novels available we will post our descriptions of the key factors above along with our customers impressions to help you make a more informed decision.

Games are a great way to bring some fun and spice into any relationship.  A great feature of some of the  romantic games that are available is that they can be played on a variety of levels – from romantic to explicit.  You can pick how comfortable you are at the time and gives the option to explore the other levels down the road.  Also, some games can be played with more than one couple or some very good friends.  Other than romantic games we have a variety of party games that are more explicit and adult in nature than those you may find at a department store.  They can be funny with an adult edge to downright raunchy.

Considerations : What turns me on in real life and can I get erotica of that subject?

                             Do I prefer erotica with a specific sexual orientation or more than one?

                             Is this game for romantic purposes or for a adult party?

Adult DVD's

Similar to Erotica, Adult DVD's are as varied as a person's preferences and desires.  With 100's of titles on the site and thousands available to source for our customers, I am confident there is something for each individuals taste.  There is an ever expanding Instructional category to Adult DVD's that while not necessarily titillating, do demonstrate different techniques in an erotic fashion.  Instructional DVD's cover a wide spectrum of topics and help a person or a couple learn about different areas of sexuality with accurate vivid demonstrations instead of trying to interpret text alone.  This can be both educational and arousing.

There are some basic questions you would need to answer to narrow your search :

Would you like dialogue/storyline or just a compilation of different hardcore scenes?

Would you prefer very explicit content or something more sensual and erotic?

Is there a sexual orientation for the characters you prefer to watch or a combination?

Are they certain sex acts you would like the video to focus on or completely omit?

Are you looking for current material or something new?

Are you interested in professional studio work or amateur porn?

Each of these questions present a spectrum with each option and everything in between.  There is a movie for each person's particular tastes.  In general, the actors in Adult movies aren't very skilled at acting so we encourage people to lower their expectations on that front.  There are big budget 'Hollywood' type movies with effects that tend to be a less explicit or you can look for amateur or independent films for more artistic and creative versions.

Movies can contain solely heterosexual activity, homosexual activity, bisexuality, multi-person scenes, or a mixture of all.  Films that were made years ago tend to reflect more realistic bodies and much less if no plastic surgery.  Like the books, we are making our way through the titles we offer online and will post are findings as far as content, answering the questions above for each film.  We also rely on our customers to rate and describe the videos they have purchased so you can make an informed decision.

Considerations : Would you like a story or just a string of different scenes of sex acts?

                             What sex acts would you like to see and how explicit do you want the visuals?

                             Do you have preference on the gender identification and/or sexual orientation of the people in the film and how they interact?

Novelty Items and Bachelorette

Sex should always be relaxed and fun and this is carried over into some pretty hilarious novelty and gag products.  From penis shaped Mac & Cheese to Boobie slippers, exploding vagina golf balls to a penis barbell – you get where I'm going.  These make great gifts for friends and partners.  This tongue in cheek fun is also found in our wide array of Bachelorette party items.  Bachelorette parties have taken a place of prominence in society where once there was only Bachelor parties.  Now the ladies get to have a rip roaring night with a tonne of laughs.  We have everything to decorate and host your party with some hilarious gags to wear and bring out with you.  There are also products for the wedding and 'Divorced Divas'.

Considerations : How close am I to the person I am purchasing this for? Will they get the joke?

                             What type of event am I purchasing for?

                             Do I need gifts for the guest of honour and/or gifts for the guests?

Cleaning, Storage, and Batteries


All products should be cleaned as soon as you purchase them before use and after every subsequent use.  All toy cleaners have anti-bacterial agents while some have anti-viral components.  Cleaners can be soluble gels, foams, sprays, and wipes.  We recommend that all toys be stored separately, not touching each other, as the prolonged exposure between different types of materials can lead to fusion and melting.  There are individual toy bags that can be used in conjunction with a variety of stylish yet discreet storage options, some that even lock.  We sell all of the batteries that are products use so you are not concerned with not being able to locate replacements.  Most toys take either AAA or AA batteries with the remote devices and smaller bullets using LR44 and NA23 (watch batteries).


Considerations : Do you need discreet toy storage and if so, would you like it to lock?

                             Do you require individual storage bags to keep toys separate?

                             What type of cleaning product do you think is easiest to use for your products?



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