Frequently Asked Questions is committed to being Canada's leading Adult Online Sex Toys, Lingerie, and Romantic Gift store. We hope this quick reference guide answers any questions you have. You can always contact us anytime via email or by telephone or online chat if you need information that is not provided here.

Question : Where are you located?

Our corporate address and shipping is located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.  We are currently only an online business.  You can reach us via telephone or our online chat everyday including weekends. Simply check the site to see if we are active on the Chat via our live chat button, and if not you can also send us email via the Chat link. And as always, we can be contacted directly via email at all day, everyday and we reply very quickly!

Question : How do you protect my privacy?

We are very aware that discussions and transactions involving adult products require unwavering discretion and privacy. All communications, regardless of method of contact, are professional and intelligent and are private between the customer and representative. Any information collected on the site is for our purposes only to process your order and will not be shared with anyone.  The shipping labels on our boxes show only our corporate name and address. The boxes are plain and we do not produce nor include any paper invoices or packing slips therefore you don't have to be concerned with disposing them. To view our entire Privacy Policy please access this link.

Question : What methods of payment do you take?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and Gift Certificates. We can also arrange payments with a money order if you like.

Question : What are the different ways can I place my order?

You can place your order online on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you don't feel comfortable placing your order over the internet, that's no problem. We are available to accept your telephone orders Monday to Friday 10AM to 6PM EST. Call us local or toll free at and we will be happy to help you.  You can also send us an email to to place your order.

Question : How do I place an online order at

We've made it as easy as possible to find the best products for you on our site even with the massive selection. The ordering process begins with selecting the products you would like to purchase.  Please visit our  "Do You Need Help With Ordering" section for detailed information.

Question : How old do I have to be to place an order?

In Canada, you need to be 18 years of age to both visit and place an order on this site.  If you are placing an order and are concerned about the delivery of your package to someone who is underage you can arrange for your package to be dleivered directly to your local Post Office.  At the Post Office you are requreid to show picture ID therefore ensuring that the package is released to only you.  If you are visiting the site from the US, you must be between 18 and 21 years of age depending on your state.

Question : How often do you add new products to your site?

As soon and as often as we can!  This industry is so active right now with new technologies that it seems like there are new products every day.  We receive information form mnaufacturers all the time regarding new products and begin the process of creating the new listings right away.  You can be sure that you will see the newest and most innovative products available on

Question : I don't see what I am looking for on your site.  Can you still get it?

Absolutely.  We can source pretty much any product that you are interested in if it is not currently listed on our site.  Simply send a request to us via email or online chat with as much information about the product as possible.  We will get back to you as soon as possible with ordering details.

Question : What if the colour I requested for my product is not available?

Sometimes manufacturers have production or stock issues that may delay the availability of certain colours of the exact same product.  If there is an opportunity for us to subsitute in an available colour in order to expedite the shipping of your order, we will do that.  Of course this only applies to non-realistic items.  If you would rather no substitutions be made, please enter a note at checkout requesting that no substitutions be made.

Question : Should I clean my product as soon as I get it?

Yes.  You should inspect and clean any product you receive as soon as you receive it as well as before and after every use.  This not only ensures your personal safety but greatly affects the longevity of your product.  If you care for and maintain your products they can last a very long time.  Toy cleaners can be found under Sex Essentials - Cleaners.  For information on cleaning and storing your particular product, you can also refer to our 'How To Choose The Best Product' link with product information.

Question : Is it safe to put my credit information online?

Absolutely. All information communicated from your computer/browser goes directly to our server and is protected by the highest standards of safety/protection for e-commerce. You can view our dated security certificate on our homepage at any time.

Questions : How is tax charged?

The tax rate applied to your purchase depends on the province that your order is being delivered to. If you are having your order delivered to your home province then that is simple enough to figure out. Since almost every other province has a different tax rate you can access the following link from the Government of Canada to see the most up to date information

Question : How do I know if my order was successful?

Once you successfully complete your order onlione you will reach a 'Thank You for Your Purchase' screen. Shortly after you will receive an Order Confirmation email to the email address you provided online. You can also log into your account on our site and check the status and updates for your current order. Once your order has been processed for shipping you will receive a separate Shipping Confirmation email with tracking and delivery details.

Question : What are the shipping costs and delivery timelines?

You can access detailed shipping costs on out Shipping page. All orders are processed and shipped within 1 to 3 business days of you placing your order.  You will receive a tracking email as soon as your order is shipped.  The cost and timeline really depends on the shipping destination, the products selected, and the shipping service selected. If you would like to check your postal code specificaly you can contact us and we will provide you with the specific delivery timeline even before you place your order.

Question : What will my package look like?

All of our orders are shipped in plain brown boxes or padded envelopes. The shipping label shows only our corporate address and corporate business name ('LTN International'). We do not produce nor include any paper packing slips or invoices so there is nothing that can be viewed by the delivery personnel.

Question : When and how will I be able to track my order?

Once your order has been processed for shipping you will receive a Canada Post tracking email with delivery details. There is a link within your Canada Post email that brings you to the Canada Post website with step by step detail of the progress of your shipment. 

Question : What if I changed my mind about the product I purchased?

No problem. If within 7 days of receiving your purchase you wish to return and/or exchange your item(s) please fill out the Return Request form. We will reply with further instructions on how to proceed and an RMA number. Please do not send any product back to us without an RMA number as these packages will simply be disposed of without credit. Items must be unopened/unused. All items are shipped within a clear sealed security bag. This bag must not be opened or tampered with in any way for an exchange or return credit to be possible. For more information visit our '100% Satisfaction Guarantee' link.

Question : What kind of guarantee do you have for the products you sell? wants to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchases. We test and inspect all items before they are shipped. If within 14 days of receiving your order your adult toy malfunctions or presents a manufacturer's defect simply contact us right away. If a replacement is required, we will facilitate the return and new shipment. Please visit our 'Satisfaction Guarantee' link for more detailed information.


Question : What is the Customer Survey I received?


After about a month has passed since you received your order from you will receive a Customer Satisfaction Survey via email. It is very quick and easy to fill out and basically asks you how your experience was with us and your order and if there is anything we can do to exceed your expectations in the future. Also, there is the option to provide a review of the product(s) you purchased. This is the only email you will receive if you have opted out of the newsletter.


Question : Why should I create an account on your site?


First of all, you absolutely don't have to. You can access and purchase from without an account. However, there are many benefits to creating an account :

  • Your information is stored so there is no need to enter it again and avoids any accidental errors from entering it repeatedly manually.
  • You can refer to your past orders and so can we if you request recommendations on new related products/purchases. It allows you to also enter comments/reviews on the products you purchased so you can keep a record.
  • You can access your account any time to update your information or change your preferences.
  • You will automatically be registered for our Rewards program which gets you reward points for your purchases that can be redeemed for cash discounts off future purchases.
  • You will have access to great exclusive deals available only to you as a Preferred Customer account holder.


Question : I have created an account on your site but I forgot the Username and/or Password, what do I do?


No problem. Simply click on 'Log In' on the homepage and enter any information that may remember, either the Username or password. If you don't remember either, that's no problem either. Simply click on the prompt that suits you best : Forgot Username, Forgot Password, or Forgot Username and Password. We will email with the requested information and how to proceed. You may be asked to submit the answers to your security questions that were set up with your account.


Question : If I sign up for the newsletter or make purchases on will my information be sold to another party?


Absolutely not. We are very appreciative of your business and would not do anything to compromise that. We value our customer's information as much as we value our customers themselves. All information is protected by the strictest security and privacy measures. Information that is provided to will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, loaned, or disclosed to anyone. You can access our entire Privacy policy via the following link.


Question : I have signed up for your newsletter – what does that mean and can I opt out at a later date?


We send email newsletters with information about sales/promotions, new products, events, and discussion topics. We will never add your name to our email list without your permission. Once you place an online order you are automatically registered for our newsletter. If you sign up for the newsletter and later change your mind, there is an opt out option within every newsletter as well as on the website.




If you have any question or concern that is not addressed here, please feel free to contact us via Email, Online Chat, or Telephone - whichever is most convenient for you.



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Love Yourself. Love the Naughty.