Information on Different Product Materials

There are a variety of different materials used to make sex toys. Some specialty manufacturers only use one type of material whereas the larger manufacturers create toys in a variety of different materials. As with most consumer products, price can be an accurate determination of the quality of the toy. Higher priced toys are made of more expensive, higher quality materials that can last longer and have other positive characteristics. Material is definitely one of the leading factors in the cost of any product. Here is a brief explanation of the variety of materials with the pros and cons of each so you can make a more informed decision about which toy to purchase.




We need to begin the discussion of silicone toys by stating there is a wide variety of grades of silicone. Some silicones are 100% pure medical grade, non-toxic, latex free, and phthalate-free. Some manufacturers make toys solely of high or platinum grade silicone. Other silicones are of a different grade, which generally means not as pure, and are used to coat a toy mainly made of a different material. A good indication of a company's position on the silicone they use is to refer to the company's bio on our site and possibly researching their own website. We will provide as much information available for each manufacturer and the grade of silicone they use and if the toy is 100% pure medical grade silicone or a variation of that.


Silicone is made by refining silica, or sand, which is heated and refined repeatedly until it becomes a liquid. This of course makes one of the attributes of this material vegan friendly. This is one of the highest grade materials available and consequently has a higher price point. Silicone is inert which means it does not deteriorate over time therefore silicone toys can last indefinitely. Most silicone toys that do not have built in motors can be boiled and are top rack dishwasher safe and is the only toy that can be disinfected.


Since silicone is non-porous they are hypo-allergenic and very safe to use. They are susceptible to tearing from sharp objects so take care during storage and when attaching to a harness. While stored, take care to keep your silicone toys separate or in their own storage bags. We recommend that only water based lubricants be used with silicone toys. Silicone lubricants tend to adhere to silicone toys and can destroy the material. Silicone toys can be cleaned with soap and water, anti-bacterial toy cleaners, and can even be bleached (make sure to rinse thoroughly).




Elastomer is a latex-free, hypo-allergenic, phthalate-free rubber like material that has some flexibility and softness. They feel very similar to other traditional rubber or jelly toys but are of a higher grade. This makes them more durable than inexpensive jelly or rubber toys but not as durable as silicone. The softness of the material does mute the vibrations of a motorized toy which some people prefer. With proper care Elastomer toys can last years. You can use both water and silicone based lubricants with Elastomer toys while cleaning with either anti-bacterial toy cleaners or a mild hand soap. Store Elastomer toys separate from other toys or in their own storage bag to protect the integrity of the toy.






There are many different variations of 'Flesh-like' materials produced by a variety of manufacturers. The soft, fleshy feel of these toys are very attractive to some people as the tend to feel more realistic not only to the touch but with insertion. Dildos and vibrators made of this material with have a soft, fleshy exterior and a firm core the either house the motor or give the toy shape. Only use water-based lubricants with these toys and wash thoroughly with an anti-bacterial toy cleaner or a very mild hand soap. Flesh-like toys should be stored away from other toys as contact with other toys can lead to adhesion.


Because of the very soft exterior this material is not very durable and can tear very easily. This definitely varies between manufacturers. What you gain in durability you generally lose in softness. It is also very porous which is why we recommend using a condom with this toy if it is being shared. Like real skin, toys with this material are susceptible to drying out. Once you have cleaned and air dried your toy, you can use a non-talc powder such as corn starch to dust on the toy to keep it supple. Also, do not store this toy near a heat source such as a vent as it will dry out and crack/tear. Even though the material is very soft, with proper care these toys can last years.


TPR, UR3, Cyberskin, Fanta Flesh, Fleshlight




Metal toys can be 100% stainless or aluminum or stainless steel/aluminum coated. Metal toys have a significant weight especially if 100% pure. They are extremely smooth and can be heated, cooled, and disinfected after use. Metal toys are non-porous and hypo-allergenic. You can use any lubricant with metal toys. Metal toys can transfer intense vibrations because of their hard core and surface. Metal toys with motors can be boiled and therefore disinfected, just be sure to dry your toy thoroughly before storing. They are incredibly durable and extremely long lasting.


Stainless steel, Alloy,




The material used in glass toys is usually pyrex – or borosilicate – and is extremely durable, beautiful, and safe. The biggest danger for a glass toy is it to come into contact with another glass toy or having it dropped on a natural surface such as ceramic tile or granite. If you care properly for your glass toy they can last a lifetime but if your toy has been chipped or cracked you need to dispose of the unit right away. Glass toys are extremely firm and smooth just like metal and can be cooled or heated simply by running the toy through water, but do not boil or freeze. Glass also transfers vibration very well. By placing a vibrating ring at the base of the toy the vibration can be felt throughout the toy and can provide clitoral stimulation when the toy is inserted. Glass toys are hypo-allergenic, can be used with any lubricant, and cleaned with soap and water or an anti-bacterial toy cleaner.




Wood, like metal and glass, is a great all natural material for customers that are looking for an alternative to plastic and rubbers. The main manufacturer of wood dildos, rings, and plugs is Nobessence, a company out of the US. Their beautifully hand-carved products are sealed in a 16 step process known as Lubrosity which meets the highest medical standards. This body-safe, phthalate-free, and organic sealant is odourless, waterproof, and enables the toy to be in body contact for hours. Nobessence products are made from responsibly farmed wood and are both organic and hypo-allergenic. These toys are extremely smooth and durable with the same care as a glass toys in that you should be careful not to drop on hard surfaces as this may cause cracking. You can use any lubricant with these toys and cleaning is as simple as running through warm water using a non-abrasive soap or a wipe down with an anti-bacterial cleaner.


Hard Plastic


As mentioned before, harder materials transfer vibration the strongest and that is true of toys made of hard plastic. They are also very durable but like glass, if dropped on a hard surface can crack and/or break. These toys can also be made of acrylic and ABS plastics which are phthalate-free, hypo-allergenic, and non-porous. You can use any type of lubricant with these toys. Hard plastic toys can be cleaned with soap and water or an anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Make sure the toy has completely dried before storage. Hard Plastic toys must be stored separately from toys of different materials.


ABS Plastic, Acrylic, AS, PC, POM, PMME, PP, PS, SAN,


Rubber or Jelly


Soft jelly or rubber toys are the least expensive toys on the market as the material can be questionable as far as ingredients and components. A lot of manufacturers of jelly rubber toys to not disclose the ingredients of the materials used. Jelly/Rubber toys tend to be more vibrant in colour and are very soft and 'squishy'. Some rubber toys contain phthalates so if that is a concern for you use a condom when using this toy. Also, because this material is very porous we recommend that you use condoms on the toy if you are sharing the toy with others. Jelly/Rubber is also the least durable of all toy materials and will deteriorate more quickly, dry out, and flake. Using a condom with these toys can make them last longer.


Jelly toys should be stored separately from other toys as the material can adhere to other toys and cause it to deteriorate. Use an anti bacterial toy cleaner to clean these toys. We recommend only using water based lubricants with jelly rubber toys. Since these toys are softer in composition and lack durability please take care when using or handling them especially if inserting into a harness.


Latex, PVC,




Harnesses tend to come in one of three materials : leather, rubber, or fabric. Different types of fabric require different maintenance so please refer to the manufacturer's recommendations and common sense. Some of the fabrics used are lace, cotton, and satin. As with all harnesses the design of the harness with dictate what size attachments can be best used with that style and material. Generally, fabric harness are designed for smaller attachments as fabric can stretch and tear.


Rubber harness are more durable than fabric harnesses as they are more tear resistant and flexible. Depending on their design, they are better for small to medium sized attachments. Rubber with warm to your body temperature but can also be hot to wear as the material does not breathe. Rubber harness are waterproof and very easy to clean. Simply rinse and either pat dry or air dry the harness after every use.


Leather harnesses are incredibly durable and if cared for properly can last a lifetime. They are best designed for medium to large harness attachments as the material is substantial and does not stretch. Being a natural material, leather with breathe and mold to your body over time making it very comfortable to use. Different harness use different types of leather which with contribute to their firmness. Caring for a leather harness is similar to leather clothing like pants or skirts. It is not recommended to immerse a leather harness in water. To clean, it can be wiped with a damp cloth that has a small amount of anti-bacterial cleaner/soap on it. If a specific manufacturer has cleaning recommendations for their particular harness it will be listed in the product description. After drying, you can use a leather conditioner to treat the harness.



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