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Top Vibrators To Try in 2016

Takeaway: Whether you're in the mood for something new or seeking a gift for someone you love, consider adding these to your wish list.

The Top 10 New Vibrators You Should Try in 2016

Maybe your favorite vibe isn't doing it for you anymore. Or, maybe you're in the mood for something new. Maybe you want to wow your partner with a really sexy gift. Maybe you don't even have a vibrator (yet!). Or, maybe you're just all, like, hello there, shiny new vibrator. Whatever the reason, buying a new vibe has become a big decision. And that isn't such a bad thing. There has been some great innovation in vibrators over the past few years, which means there are more amazing options out there than ever before - and they're getting better and better at doing what they do. We love sex toys, so we've set out to pick out some of the toys that are getting the most buzz.

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I Let a Guy Remotely Control My Vibrator and Here's What Happened “So, when am I going to stimulate you with a touch of a button?”

Living in a world peppered with gratuitous Game of Thrones love scenes and the refreshingly frank Masters of Sex holding court on the airwaves,  you’ll quickly find that being unfamiliar with the more extreme parts of sex is the new extreme: who, after all, hasn’t talked nonchalantly about ball gags and butt plugs over coffee? But self-awareness is shockingly little comfort when you find yourself fake drunk texting an old flame to ask if they’d have any interest in controlling a vibrator for you via an iPhone app from 3,000 miles away.

“Think about what it feels like to give up control,” my editor counseled when she suggested I check out the We-Vibe, an incredibly fancy vibrator made for couples to play together, or from anywhere in the world. Though the We-Vibe can be, and is designed to, be used in bed with your partner, its most interesting feature is the fact that thanks to a combination of Bluetooth and magic, a paramour can control it for you anytime. While visions of a tale of me being surprised in the grocery aisle by a familiar gentle rumble were no doubt dancing through my editor’s head at the time we discussed this, all I could focus on was the larger issue at hand: how in the world would I casually bring up the idea of controlling my vagina via app to someone I hadn’t slept with in months?

Cary, an old friend I should have dated when we lived in the same borough, was far more mature about the prospect when I finally stopped beating around the bush with awkwardly flirty texts (the phrase “I only do that on bank holidays” may have been used). Yes, he’d be game to try it, yes, he wanted a pseudonym, no, he wasn’t interested in listening to me argue the economic instability of a flat tax in an attempt to seduce him.

“So, when am I going to stimulate you with a touch of a button?”

And then nothing happened. For three weeks. Taunted by the packaging of the We-Vibe on my desk on a daily basis, I was rendered essentially mute when it came to initiating the conversation about logistics. For someone who makes a living off of crafting words, sexting is a form of particularly cruel and unusual torture. Despite what many of you will likely tell me to the contrary, there is no good way to start a sext that doesn’t feel at least 15% awkward, and as I quickly realized, if I wanted this to be less than transactional, a sext was the easiest way to jumpstart this process.

Likely picking up on the fact that I have never been the type of woman to say “Hiiii, watcha doin? [smile emoji] and yet somehow had managed to fire that missive off three times in  a week with unexplained photos of my boobs and more discussion about the GOP debate, Cary, ever the consummate professional when it comes to consummating, finally broke the suffocating silence.

“So, when am I going to stimulate you with a touch of a button?”

Thank God. To put into perspective what a pussy I was being about this whole thing, it’s worth noting that after two weeks of being too nervous to even open the box, knowing what the natural next step had to be, I left it at home to drive down the coast for a few days. I took a road trip to escape my vibrator.  Luckily, I had worked up the nerve to play with the We-Vibe a few hours prior to Cary’s text, and paired with a glass of wine, things were starting to feel significantly less daunting.

The learning curve of using a product that essentially clips into you like an orgasm holster is terrifying...

For starters, the right vibrator helps, and as far as couples play goes, the We-Vibe is the Maserati of vibrators. Despite having found a drastically unhelpful photo lining the We-Vibe up next to a stack of similarly shaped staple removers when I was searching for reviews and tips, the vibrator itself feels amazing – velvety smooth, pleasantly ridged, and surprisingly hefty in a world where vibrators often feel they’ll break apart inside of you. The learning curve of using a product that essentially clips into you like an orgasm holster is terrifying, but familiarization is quick. Different settings that can be controlled separately for external and internal vibrations were overwhelming at first (did you know you could Cha-Cha-Cha on your G-spot in various frequencies?), but the WeVibe has an iPhone app that’s so effortlessly intuitive, it renders the enclosed remote useless. Two glasses of wine and one mishap in which standing up while wearing the We-Vibe jammed it up further than expected later, and I’d settled in on a delightful little pattern called Echo that was a sensation like I’d never felt before.

Any sexiness Cary and I tried to force was quickly lost as we fussed with the logistics of the app.

“There are charts?!” he texted, as he first tried to connect to the app, before quickly pivoting to the wholly manufactured “I’m so turned on right now.”

The couples play setting isn’t perfect. After six or seven dropped connections (“Tech is so hot,” I texted back), things still hadn’t gelled. Despite my suggestion to Cary that I was drunk, horny, and willing, I returned a call to Capital One’s fraud department to sort out some old credit card issues while he valiantly attempted to teach me how to use Bluetooth.

When he finally got it working, I was so caught off guard there still remains a good chance I approved $850 in fraudulent Bloomingdale’s charges. I’d like to say we were off to the races at that point, but the We-Vibe definitely still has quite the learning curve; when you’re trying to keep an app open, Bluetooth connected, cancel a credit card, and get someone off via a product you’ve never used before, suffice to say, it takes a while.

It yielded a semi-uneven, yet entirely hilarious tap dance over my clitoris.

Even though the app offers incredibly useful texting, video chat, and phone capabilities, it illuminated the bigger problem we had: communication. Using a vibrator to make someone come all the way across the country isn’t easy; figuring out how to do so while you’re both mastering a new product is even harder. Given that Cary couldn’t see me, and the majority of texts were variants of “Is it in?” “Are you pressing play?” and “LOL TECHNOLOGY,” things got off to a less than sexy start. I realized a few minutes in however, was that the problem had nothing to do with the We-Vibe, it was me.

Cary had already more than demonstrated how "in" he was; three years of good friendship and occasional, yet truly exceptional, sex from the only man who had ever gone out of his way to make sure I had a great time every time was testament to that. And yet when it came to even thinking about trying something outside of our comfort zone, I clammed up instantly. It would have been immeasurably simple to text back “Try the Echo setting, and don’t let up” but asking for what you want always is the hardest, isn’t it?

Control isn’t just about letting someone else be in charge of your pleasure – though the trust needed to do that is, as evidenced by my inability to let Cary take over, crucial. It’s also about letting yourself indulge in the moment, even if it’s outside of your comfort zone. For me, someone so obnoxiously opinionated in every other social setting, asking for what I want in bed, and running the risk of coming off as anything less than perfectly self-assured, induces anxieties that surprise me even today.

I finally did stop resisting the urge to make jokes about the whole situation and let Cary just take over. It was decent; after all, he had no idea which of the 12 varying sensations were my preferred, yielding a semi-uneven, yet entirely hilarious tap dance over my clitoris. The vibrations were strong, which I'll never complain about, but we never did quite hit a rhythm — at least not one that yielded an orgasm. But the idea of someone else having control of your pleasure, especially without them in the room, that's what made the experience intensely sexy, regardless of our connection.

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An Honest Discussion of Strapless Strap-Ons

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Counterfeit Fleshlights and How To Spot One

Fleshlight Now Offers Guide to Spotting Counterfeits

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Eight Percent of Canadians Have Had Sex in a Canoe

In honour of Canada Day on July 1st, I wanted to investigate the state of Canada's sex life.  I searched for the most current articles, studies and somewhat qualified opinions as to where Canadians sit on the sex spectrum.  By the way, where we are willing to 'sit' during sex is one of the indicators measured.


I'm focusing on a study done by Environics and Playtex released in 2013.  Playtex had just released a new personal cleansing wipe and was using some nice 'tongue in cheek' marketing :




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Proud To Be All About Pride

June is PRIDE month and World PRIDE is being held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada this year which is amazing (slight bias for the location).  I am extremely lucky to have some amazing friends, and two of my closest friends are gay.  One of which is completely out and has been for decades. He is very involved in the gay community and has no reservations being and expressing himself publicly.  The other friend is out to his friends but not his family or at work.  I believe he thinks he would be fired if he came out at work.  I'm not sure why he hasn't explicitly had the conversation with his family even though I think they suspect.  Believe me, I firmly hold the belief that this process is an individual one and shouldn't be influenced by any outside source.  As his friend, I want him to be the happiest he could possibly be and I always thought that could only be when you are 'completely out' because to me that means 'completely free'.

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Naughty Reviews - We-Vibe 4

The story of the creation of the We-Vibe is inspiring – two engineers that were downsized during the tech crunch years back decide to design a pleasure toy specifically for couples and the rest is history.  The most recent version is the We-Vibe 4 while the We-Vibe 2, We-Vibe 2 Plus, and We-Vibe 3 are still available.  The design of all versions of the classic We-Vibe is basically the same – a U shaped flexible device with independent motors at each end.  One end is meant to remain external for clitoral and vaginal stimulation while the other is inserted vaginally for internal stimulation for both the woman and a male partner during intercourse.  Basically, the We-vibe is designed to be ‘worn’ by the woman during intercourse.  The male partner will feel the vibration internally against his penis during intercourse as the vibrating stimulator is pushed into the female G Spot for her pleasure.  That’s what we call a win-win.

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Love Yourself. Love the Naughty.

It's more than our motto at Lovethenaughty.com, it's our mission.

Love yourself.  That's where it all starts.  Be confident and comfortable with yourself, with your amazing body, no matter how you may think it looks and how it actually is.  Remember that if someone else has the privilege of seeing your body, it's just that - a privilege.  And hands down the sexiest thing you can bring to the table (maybe literally) is your own confidence.  You may wear a piece of lingerie that makes you feel sultry or bring a sex toy that you love to use that you can't wait to show off, but the sexiest component by far is your self confidence.

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Fun Factory Stronic Series - Award Winning Innovation. Their not vibrators - their pulsators!

At the XBIZ Awards, the biggest awards ceremony in the American erotic industry, the STRONIC EINS was crowned “Innovative Sex Toy of the Year – Technology.”

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Doc Johnson Platinum Premium Silicone C Rings Dual Pack

The new Platinum Premium C Rings Dual Pack from Doc Johnson offer two sizes of silicone erection rings in a highly durable yet flexible platinum silicone.  Silicone is one of the most durable and hygienic materials on the market and sure to last a very long time.  This two pack offers two size options for the rings to be used on the penis or the smaller ring for just the penis and the larger ring for both the penis and testicles.  Erection rings are an extremely popular product for their use to help a man retain his erection longer by trapping the blood in the penis.  What is not widely known is that erection rings also intensify and lengthen the orgasm for the male.

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2014 XBIZ Awards - The Golden Globes of Sex Toy Awards

For over a decade, glitz, glamour and the biggest names in the world of adult entertainment have made the XBIZ Awards show the biggest night of the year and the most prestigious symbol of industry success.

Each year, the star-studded event attracts A-list movers and shakers of the multi-billion dollar adult entertainment industry, hosting icons such as Hustler founder Larry Flynt.

Since its beginnings, the XBIZ Awards has grown into a mega gala event generating buzz throughout the business and media. Now in its twelfth year, with an expanded list of more than 150 award categories, the 2014 awards show is set to feature the most expansive array of categories in XBIZ Awards history.  Find out who won here!

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Great Article From Baci Lingerie, just in time for Valentine`s Day - How to Discuss Lingerie Gifts with Your Partner

Baci Lingerie

How to Discuss Lingerie Gifts with Your Partner

Trying to figure out what gifts work best may be a lesson in trial and error, unless you and your partner have a great, open line of communication as to what each is hoping for. With the holiday gift-giving season now over, and Valentine’s Day just around the corner, communicating what you are hoping for might help your lover select the perfect present for you come February 14th!

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For three decades, the AVN Awards Show has been the adult industry’s biggest night; the award the industry’s highest honor. With a stylish red carpet pre-show and lavish star-studded ceremony, AVN celebrates outstanding achievements in the business of pleasure, presenting nearly 100 awards in multiple categories.

The AVN Awards Show takes place each January, during the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, and is attended by everyone who is anyone in the adult industry. Broadcast on Showtime Networks since 2008, the AVN Awards ceremony is watched by millions and features performances by mainstream comedians and top musical acts. Past guests include Grammy-nominated artist Flo-Rida, Tyga, Baby Bash, Buckcherry, Smashmouth, Lit, and Lil’ Jon & the Ying Yang Twins, as well as celebrities such as Lisa Lampanelli, Dave Attell, Gene Simmons, Jim Norton, Bobby Slayton, Criss Angel, Vince Neil, and more.

Dubbed "The Oscars of Adult" by Entertainment Weekly, the AVN Awards is a must-attend, must-see event, featuring the hottest stars from adult and mainstream pop culture.  Here are the winners :

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Sex Toy Gift Guide

Here is a list put together by Cory Silverbery and About.com of some of the best and brightest products of the season that make amazing gifts.  Click here for the link

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5 Lovethenaughty Truths About Sex and Life

Over the years - talking with customers, friends, and interested strangers - some consistent questions and themes kept popping up.  I write about five 'general' truths that may help answer some of them.

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What Men think if you do - or don't - have an orgasm

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Great Oral Sex!

Is your foreplay routine starting to feel kind of, well, routine? Click here to learn how to make oral sex hotter!

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Love Yourself. Love the Naughty.